Women With Dreams - Total Wellness

It is Health that is the Real Wealth

Have you ever noticed that it’s you . . . wife and mother . . . that the family turns to when they don’t feel good? It’s you they turn to when they are hungry or have hurt feelings. Even the dog or cat can looks to you for attention!

It’s our nature to be the care giver, the nurturer. We console our children. Listen to our girlfriends let off steam. Make sure our significant other has his needs taken care of. But who is taking care of us?

When mama’s not well…the house falls apart!

What you will find at the Women with Dreams™ team is a group of women committed to supporting you in both your business goals and your personal goals. You will make many friends—some on the other side of the world—some you may never meet in person, but they will be there for you to help you in all you choose to undertake.

Being part of the Women with Dreams™ team will multiply your circle of friends and support team a hundredfold.

The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.
Margaret Carty

The woman you are today is a the sum total of all your experiences . . . and your dreams for tomorrow. The woman you are today is a includes how you were raised, who you blended your life with, and your hopes for tomorrow.

Would you say your life in balance? Family, socially, spiritually, financially, and your health? When we’re balanced, life always seems brighter, challenges more bearable, and our smile a little wider. We feel like we have some control.

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.

Personal health is a precious commodity. It cannot be bought or sold. Our team is passionate about health and wellness. We are passionate about financial freedom. Sometimes one affects the other! It’s part of the balance equation.
What can this mean for you?

When you join our team, you will have your own mentor, be able to utilize the Women with Dreams™ proven business system that allows you to market yourself on the internet and find other women on the internet just like you found us, and benefit from the collective experience of the team. You will receive complete training.

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As we strive for personal well being and financial freedom, we of course want our girlfriends (our team), to enjoy all the benefits that come with this. We recognize your achievements and celebrate with you each time you reach one of your goals—no matter how small—maybe it’s buying a new set of furniture—saving a certain amount each month for retirement—or even paying off a credit card.

Whatever your WHY is your goal, we want to help you obtain your desire. It’s part of your personal well being!

Stop the habit of wishful thinking and start the habit of thoughtful wishing.
Mary Martin

You will notice from our testimony page that the founders of Women with Dreams™ have very diverse backgrounds. However, they came together with common goals and objectives inspired by wellness concerns that had affected many of us, and our families. With our many years of combined experience, Women with Dreams™ can offer insight into three key areas of wellness.

Health and Physical Wellness 

Important Personal, Family or Professional Wellness

Financial Wellness

Keys to High-Level Wellness

High-level wellness is an uplifting lifestyle you can design to enjoy the highest degree of health possible. There are five keys that will unlock the doors to your goal, but no one key is enough. All five must be used together to reach your final destination - high-level wellness.

Take Responsibility For Your Health

Key number one is the most important of the five. Unless you are prepared to take charge of your life, and actively pursue a health-enhancing lifestyle, the other four keys will be worthless. It's no secret that many people neglect or give up to others, responsibility for their own well being. They drift along, engaging in high-risk behaviors, and when something goes wrong, they hope their doctor can put it right. By taking responsibility for your health, and avoiding high-risk behaviors, you can minimize the risk of physical problems. Two typical high-risk behaviors are smoking and alcohol use. The negative effects of both are well known. By controlling high-risk behaviors like these, you'll not only feel more alive, but you will also increase your chances of living a longer healthier life.

Be Aware of Nutrition

One of the most serious health problems in North America is over consumption combined with under nutrition. In fact, five of the ten leading causes of death have been identified as diet related. Obviously, it pays to be aware of nutrition because what you don’t know, will hurt you. Being aware of nutrition simply means choosing food wisely, and maintaining a sensible diet pattern. Unfortunately, with many people, this is more the exception than the rule. Why? Eating properly is usually a little extra trouble; it may cost more; it involves improved nutritional awareness; and usually takes additional time. But, as the saying goes, "You are what you eat." "What you eat today, you will be walking and talking tomorrow."

Here are a few tips to improve your nutrition:

Make an effort to obtain natural foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are far more nutritious than canned or frozen.

  • Vary your diet. Try different foods of all types - fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals, dairy products and meats, poultry and fish.
  • Avoid food additives. You can start by reading labels. Known and suspected carcinogenic elements are present in many foods as artificial colors, additives and preservatives.
  • Cut back on your sugar consumption. Sugar is the king culprit when it comes to empty calories.
  • Empty calories are worse than no food at all because they take the place of calories that do provide nutritional value.
  • Reduce your salt consumption. Most North Americans use two to three times as much salt per day as they need. Too much salt in the diet leads to high blood pressure and increased risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney disease.
  • Reduce tea and coffee consumption because both contain caffeine, which in sufficient quantity, can cause heartburn, bleeding ulcers, and other related disorders.
  • Prepare food to minimize fat and maximize vitamins. Bake or broil instead of frying. Trim fat from meat, and skin from chicken. Steam vegetables using only as much water as needed, and cook for as short a time as possible to preserve vitamins and nutrients.