Halfway . . . Check-In!

Where Are You?

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Yes, it’s the half-year mark.pink clock


That means 262,800 minutes (and counting) of the 525,600 minutes in 2014 have been used.


Are you where you want to be?


So if you aren’t checking in monthly or quarterly on your goals, you will want to check in at the half year mark . . . it will give you time to adjust and course correct.


Take stock of what’s going right.  What is on your WIN List?  Let’s face it, as we get older, most of us don’t have a big cheerleading section, so sometimes, we have to be our cheerleaders!


Next, are you doing the Income Producing Activities needed to actually reach your 2014 goals?


If not, what might you do to adjust and get back on track?  You don’t have to stop what you are doing (unless you are completely going in the wrong direction).


Here’s a little something I picked up in building a profitable business – don’t be dependent on one source of income!  So let’s think outside the box together on how you might capitalize on your existing assets and grow your income.


My business is Coaching women in Direct Sales and Network Marketing (www.WomenWithDreamsMLMAcademy.com), but what I am going to share with you is applicable to ALL people . . . because we all have business goals whether we own our own business, are in the Direct Sales/MLM arena, have a career, or perhaps we are even just starting out in our first JOB and might be a manager.

So here are some ideas for generating income:


  1.       -Coaching others on what your primary business is
  2.       -Speaking – have 2 or 3 topics that you can have an engage 30-45 minute talk
  3.       -Write a Book – Will establish you as ‘the expert’ and you can sell it online and at the end of your ‘talks’
  4.       -Create a Membership Program
  5.       -Host a VIP Day
  6.       -Host a Workshop
  7.       -Create an Affiliate Program
  8.       -Join an Affiliate Program
  9.       -Joint Venture with a Complimentary Business
  10.      - Launch a Monthly InBox (online Magazine) with paying advertisers
  11.      - Launch a Monthly or BiMonthly Print Magazine – with Advertorials (which are paid sponsors)
  12.       -Host a Monthly Event and Have a Monthly Sponsor
  13.       -Host a BIG Event
    • -Include Paying Sponsors
    • -Include Paying Speakers
    • -Barter the Location (or part of it) for advertising


Note that the smaller events are great opportunities for you to generate income and BE TOP of Mind in your customer’s ‘head.’


They will be your advertising (although in reality we all have to do some paid advertising).


After taking stock of what your 2014 goals were, where you are, look at what you want to KEEP, DELETE or TOSS.  You may be really close to reaching you one of your BIG goals – or perhaps you just need a tiny adjustment.


Only you know what’s right for you . . . you may need to share it with a Coach.  To help you find your BEST ideas for accountability.


Would a Coach help you reach your goals?  Study after study, shows that working with a coach will indeed help an individual reach a higher result!


I would love to hear from you and learn what goals you set for yourself and if you are on track – or if you need help.   For the first 5 who do share (legitimate relevant comments), I will give a complimentary 20 minute strategy session. 



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