Charities We Support & Why

Charities We Support and Why

Ronald McDonald House


1. First Project -  Share a Meal at Ronald McDonald House



Congratulations to  Isabella Thomas and Amanda Wysocki who worked hard to find the perfect SILVER Project to benefit our community.  They came up with many ideas that were all great and would have impacted our community, but Girl Scouts has HIGH standards for our girls to meet.  On the 4th try, their project finally got approved!  Their project was to provide meal relief and fun for families at Ronald McDonald House.  One of the requirements of Silver is that the project has a sustainability Factor – which means that the girls educate the public about this project.  Both Isabella and Amanda did a great job sharing in the community with their friends and with parents’ friends at school and youth groups about Ronald McDonald House, but they came up with the idea to put it on our Troop website!  So when you are browsing, please think of the families that are in crisis with their children and are absolutely max’d out . . . they can use your helping hands to prepare a meal for them and their children.  Thank you Amanda & Isabella!

Visit Here to Learn More:

or Contact:  (954) 828-1822 or send an email to Nicole Harris at

Halfway . . . Check-In!

Where Are You?

Yes, it’s the half-year mark.


That means 262,800 minutes (and counting) of the 525,600 minutes in 2014 have been used.


Are you where you want to be?


So if you aren’t checking in monthly or quarterly on your goals, you will want to . . . → Read More: Halfway . . . Check-In!

Mackay and sneek peek at challenge



We did not come out of the womb expecting to be top producers in the network marketing or direct sales profession – but here we are . . .

Working towards that goal!

Hopefully . . . → Read More: Mackay and sneek peek at challenge

Superwoman in the Community

This is the last part in our four part series!

Before we go on to Superwoman in the Community, I want to make sure you are taking care of yourself!

The number one way to do this is through what I call the Hour of Power.

It’s just 15 minutes in each of the . . . → Read More: Superwoman in the Community

Superwoman at Home

Most of us wear many hats!  We are wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends.   Are you’re the housekeeper, cook, chauffer, party planner, home repair expert, calendar keeper, bill payer, pet groomer, grocery shopper, laundress, and overall household coordinator?


Which role is most demanding for you?  I am betting at times your family . . . → Read More: Superwoman at Home

Superwoman at Work or in your Business!

Are you old enough to remember the commercial jingle where there was a beautiful woman singing ‘I bring home the bacon . . . and fry it up in the pan . . .  and I know how to take care of my man’ or something like that.


Well, we do indeed have . . . → Read More: Superwoman at Work or in your Business!

Redefining Super Woman

A Four Part Series for Women in Network Marketing & Direct Sales


As a woman in the direct sales or network marketing industry most of us women work full-time and their business is a part-time endeavor. 


On top of work, generally there is family, and usually children, but sometimes elderly parents too.

. . . → Read More: Redefining Super Woman

Get Your Tax Refund!

Wow, can you believe it’s been 3 weeks since taxes were due?

Did you file on time or did you file early?  Maybe you filed an extension!

Are you getting a BIG Refund?  I could say I hope so . . . but then your withholding amount would not be correct!


. . . → Read More: Get Your Tax Refund!


It’s always happening and it’s never ending.  Generally it’s good, but it’s been my observation that most people don’t like change and aren’t ready for it.


This is true not only in work but in our personal life.


Here is a brief summary of why I have been so quiet over the . . . → Read More: Change…

Going Back to School? It's Not Just for Kids!

It’s back to school for kids . . . What will you be learning?


Yes, we can take a lesson from the kids! 

I just got done purchasing notebooks, pencils, pens, composition books, the whole shebang for my son, Trent who is entering high school and my daughter, Amanda who is entering . . . → Read More: Going Back to School? It’s Not Just for Kids!