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How Do Effective People Accomplish More

To Do vs Accomplishment


We all have the same amount of time each day — it’s
how we spend it that makes the difference in our results.


Seconds that is — that’s how many we all get to spend 
each day.

How do you spend each of your days?

Do you put first things first?

Are you FIRED UP about your DAY?

Do your activities move your towards where you want to
go OR are they just ‘busy’ work.  Sometimes, it’s better
to say NO or delegate.

Is your life full of ‘juicy’ relationships?  You have to 
make time!

Do you bless others each day?

Do you go to bed each night full of gratitude?

At the end of the day (like the end of the month),
there’s an accounting of sorts.  Where did the day go?

What is on that accomplishment list of yours 
(aka a to do list that is crossed off).

It’s easy to get side-tracked–we all do it–our goal is
for you to have more accomplishments and more fun!


My friend Phil Humbert shares some of his observations below
about successful people and how they ‘Thrive in a Chaotic World’
and are able to ‘Accomplish More’

They seem comfortable, challenged, even exhilarated by chaos, 
and yet they maintain balance and tranquility in their lives. 
It’s an amazing set of skills!

The most effective people seem to thrive in a world of chaos 
and constant change. They know that results are based on 
intelligent action and focused effort, while they develop superb 
skills to “play and win” in a chaotic, often contradictory world.
Phil notes several things are necessary to thrive in the midst of

1. Exceptional boundaries.

Winners close their doors and ignore disruptions. 
They turn off the phone and claim their space. 
They know where they are going and tolerate few distractions.

2.  Exceptional vision.

Winners know their priorities and their desired outcomes. 
They know what they want and they can see, taste, smell 
and almost touch their results in advance. They have goals 
and tasks rather than mere hopes or wishes.

3.  Exceptional self-direction.
Winners are in charge of their lives and chaos around them 
is just that — other people’s chaos swirling around them, 
while they maintain an inner calm. They are not lost or 
confused about their values, their priorities, their 
direction or their most important daily tasks.

4.  Exceptional optimism.
They see chaos as opportunity.  Chaos “stirs the pot” 
and opens doors. Rather than annoying or frustrating them, 
they love it! On a wild and windy day, a rainbow may appear 
at any moment and they are eager to welcome it.

5.  Exceptional Reserves.
They take care of themselves. They eat well, rest often, 
save and invest wisely and when opportunity knocks, they 
are waiting to answer the door. They operate from strength 
and stability, while a chaotic world wreaks havoc on the competition.

6.  Exceptional response-ability.
Rather than reacting from stress, anger, fear or anxiety, 
they see a magnificent, ever-changing world and respond 
quickly to once-in-a- lifetime opportunities. 
“Desperate” people react; winners respond.

So in reflecting on what Phil shared, I look at some of the people I
have met–some of the people I have coached — some of the people I have
chosen not to coach — and some of my mentors — and Phil’s comments were
very insightful.

I loved his list of 6 — I am going to add 1 and make it 7 —

7.  Successful Leaders are GENEROUS and focus on ways to GROW PEOPLE.
While there are four kinds of people (action takers, nurturers,
blueprint (the responsible accountant types), and the engineers, the MOST 
Successful Leaders are generous in supporting the people in their company
whether it’s the culture, or programs to create growth, or compensation.  
They are great at creating programs to make meaningful and impactful change. 


What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to grow YOUR TEAM (attracting Leaders)?

Create a lifestyle that is FUN and Flexible?

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