Charities We Support & Why

Charities We Support and Why


1. First Project –  Share a Meal at Ronald McDonald House


Congratulations to  Isabella Thomas and Amanda Wysocki who worked hard to find the perfect SILVER Project to benefit our community.  They came up with many ideas that were all great and would have impacted our community, but Girl Scouts has HIGH standards for our girls to meet.  . . . → Read More: Charities We Support and Why

Redefining Super Woman

A Four Part Series for Women in Network Marketing & Direct Sales


As a woman in the direct sales or network marketing industry most of us women work full-time and their business is a part-time endeavor. 


On top of work, generally there is family, and usually children, but sometimes elderly parents too.

. . . → Read More: Redefining Super Woman

Going Back to School? It's Not Just for Kids!

It’s back to school for kids . . . What will you be learning?


Yes, we can take a lesson from the kids! 

I just got done purchasing notebooks, pencils, pens, composition books, the whole shebang for my son, Trent who is entering high school and my daughter, Amanda who is entering . . . → Read More: Going Back to School? It’s Not Just for Kids!

13 Small Changes to Yield BIG Results



Would you like to implement small changes which yield BIG results?

I sure would!

Here’s a list I came across — tell me which one of the 13 you like best!

1.  . . . → Read More: 13 Small Changes to Yield BIG Results

Characteristics of a Great Closer

Nothing Happens Until We ‘Close’ Whether you’re a top producer in sales, a teacher, a manager, new to the network marketing or direct sales business or a more seasoned professional, and yes — even a mom, we need to know the art of closing. Here’s a list of what I put together as . . . → Read More: Characteristics of a Great Closer

UFC . . . What Comes to Mind?

The topic of this post may be a little controversial for some readers, so I’ll give the disclaimer upfront.  Don’t be offended.

We all need to re-charge and re-fuel our batteries — how each of us does that is different.  For me, it’s through my relationship with Jesus and the being fed the word . . . → Read More: UFC . . . What Comes to Mind?

Are You A Closer?


Closing is really not closing . . .

Does that surprise you?  It probably does.  The topic of ‘Closing’ is one of the most requested for my trainings for our network marketing team and when I speak for other teams.  Why, because people are uncomfortable with . . . → Read More: Are You A Closer?

Making A First Impression!

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Or should I ask did you look in the mirror?   WHAT does the world see when they see you?

Are you pulled together and polished?  Or . . .

Perhaps there is another image you are trying to convey?

Saturday . . . → Read More: Making A First Impression!



Are you celebrating the 4th with family and friends having a wonderful time? Us too!  Before I get back to the cooking, I wanted to share a few thoughts. . .

July 4th is Independence Day and it’s about the half-way mark.  So, the 4th can be a great day for . . . → Read More: GRATITUDE, FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE!!!



(Yes, women are strong, know how to adapt, and DREAM BIG, we never give up . . . especially when it comes to our kids!)

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, When . . . → Read More: STRENGTH