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Superwoman at Home

Most of us wear many hats!  We are wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends.   Are you’re the housekeeper, cook, chauffer, party planner, home repair woman-construction-workerexpert, calendar keeper, bill payer, pet groomer, grocery shopper, laundress, and overall household coordinator?


Which role is most demanding for you?  I am betting at times your family has different needs and when you juggle that with the challenges of your career and/or network marketing business, well, let’s just say it takes the power of Superwoman to keep everything running smoothly and her ‘super plan’ if she wants to thrive!


So, how do you wear your many different hats and do you find yourself wearing more than one at a time?

woman chauffer

Which one do you enjoy most?


I’ll just share my experience that at times feel guilty that I have short changed one of these categories – and most often it has been the ‘friend’ category – which has in turn short changed me.  As women we tend to give and give to others – and forget to take care of us.


It’s important to fill our tanks up so we can fill up others – the others being the many hats we wear.  When you add the Career/Business Hat in and the Community/Volunteer Hat in – to our Superwoman mix, sometimes it can be our Krypton – unless we learn good time management and remember to plug into groups that can support us – spiritually (more on that in our next blog) and our personal and business goals.


We are bombarded by so many negative forces in our daily lives, that it is important to surround ourselves with groups that are truly nurturing – this is how we can be ‘OUR BEST’ and the Superwoman at Home that our Families have come to expect us to be.

woman chef

We have all been heroes at one time or another.  If you were going to describe your BEST Superwoman moment, what would it be?  Please tell me about your moment!

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