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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We at Women with Dreams™ are an award winning team that is here to help you to reach your financial goals. Our belief is that all women should strive to attain some level of financial independence. We are a team comprised of women who have achieved financial success by being their own boss and taking charge of their own destiny. Each one of us brings our own special abilities to the Women with Dreams™ organization. We are always looking for new talent and positive personalities to expand the horizons of where we are and where we want to go.

We are moms, wives, and partners with shared values. We define what is acceptable and unacceptable in our home business.

She who assists someone up the hill cannot help but get to the top herself
Chinese Proverb

We are Women who said YES to…
  • 100% guaranteed products
  • A proven success model
  • The power of Net marketing
  • Shared values and ethics
  • Flexible work hours
  • Complete training and support
  • Financial security
  • Making family our first priority
  • An action oriented approach
  • A 12 month money-back guarantee
We are Women who said NO to…
  • Risk
  • Scams
  • High pressure
  • Inventory
  • Operating alone
  • Receivables
  • Employees
  • Complicated paperwork
  • Overhead
  • Costly investments
  • Product Pedaling

Women with Dreams Philosophy:

The opportunities with Women with Dreams™ must be equal to or greater than the biggest dreams within our network. The company we partner with must have the highest ethical standards so that the Women with Dreams™ Team is proud to partner with them. Products sold by our partner must be of the highest quality, without fillers, and organically sourced, whenever possible, produced in an environmentally sound manner, and they have to contribute to family health and wellness. Opportunities with our partner must be flexible, home based and risk-free.

Rewards for working with the Women with Dreams™ Team are personal, unlimited and directly related to the effort invested. There are no quotas, no pre-determined requirements, no constraints and no income caps. At Women with Dreams™ we consider resources, training and network support to be critical and essential to the meet the diverse requirements of our team members. The Net marketing concept used by Women with Dreams™ is a proven successful business model.

When one of us is down, we rally to her. When one celebrates, we rejoice together. We're a team. We never anticipated this kind of bonding, but bonded we are.
Luci Swindoll

If you have a Dream, we want to help you unlock it! Learn how you can join a group of women who work with integrity and enjoy the freedom that comes from their efforts. Our proven system will allow women to connect from all walks of life—we become one team with one Dream!

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